Calibrate Camera in Petiole Not Working (FIXED)

Calibrate camera in Petiole seems to be difficult tasks for plant scientists. However, it's not and we have one more proof for this!
Maryna Kuzmenko, Co-Founder at Petiole
by Maryna Kuzmenko | 2nd July 2019 | 1 min read
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In general, we get many questions about fixing a problem to calibrate camera in Petiole, a mobile application for specific leaf area measurement. That is why we decided to suggest two general solutions for this issue.

Why I can’t calibrate camera in Petiole mobile application?

Camera calibration is one of the essential steps to measure leaf area with a smartphone. In brief, there are many reasons for the question of why you can’t calibrate a camera in Petiole. After some research, we have clarified three of them. As a result, these aspects tell us why people cannot use the Petiole mobile application properly.

Our plant scientists face the problem with camera calibration in Petiole. In particular, this may be a result of:

  • An old version of Petiole mobile application or
  • A specific operating system of the smartphone or
  • Problem with the same height and fixed position for measurement.

Software Updates to Calibrate Camera in Petiole

Indeed, this is one of the most popular solutions to the problem of how to calibrate camera in Petiole. You must go to the Petiole mobile application page at Google Play Market and check for any updates.

Honestly, we do our best to fix different problems.

So far, they appear in the mobile application after every new release of OS Android or any its library. In that case, try to update your mobile application manually if it is not automatic.

Follow our step-by-step video instruction

Also, we have produced a range of videos about calibration and the next steps of measurements. Hopefully, these materials will be helpful for you:

Step #1. Setup Calibration pad to start calibrate camera in Petiole

Step #2. Then, setup Camera with Calibration pad

Step #3. Afterwards, place a leaf on the measuring stand

Step #4. Finally, measure leaf area in square centimetres. Just in one tap!


There is a range of mobile phones with not-a-perfect, in other words - average, productivity. As a result, this factor may create extra problem with plant phenotyping.

We are aware about these issues and do our best to fix these problems. Please, let us know about your experience and it may be extremely helpful to us.

As an alternative, please, ask your friend about an Android phone and install Petiole Pro or Petiole App there to check how it will work.

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