Petiole Calibration Pad: How Can I Get It?

Get the calibration pad - this is task no.1, if you want to measure leaf area effectively and accurately with Petiole. How to get it for free?
Maryna Kuzmenko, Co-Founder at Petiole
by Maryna Kuzmenko | 6th January 2021 | 5 mins read
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“Get the calibration pad” – this is task no.1, if you want to measure leaf area effectively and accurately with Petiole Pro.In fact, the link to download your calibration pad will arrive directly to the email you provided for authorization. However, if you still don’t have this important piece of equipment for leaf area measurement, then it’s time to get it.

The Importance of Petiole Calibration Pad in Accurate Leaf Area Measurement

Accurate measurement of leaf area plays a crucial role in various fields of plant science, including agriculture, ecology, and plant physiology. The Petiole Calibration Pad emerges as a key tool in achieving precise leaf area measurement. By providing a standardized reference for calibration, this pad ensures consistency and reliability in the data obtained. Researchers and scientists rely on the Petiole Calibration Pad to enhance the accuracy of their measurements and obtain reliable results.

The Petiole Calibration Pad serves as a valuable asset in overcoming the challenges associated with leaf area measurement. Without proper calibration, variations in lighting, angle, and camera settings can introduce errors in the measurements. By utilizing the Petiole Calibration Pad, researchers can account for these variables and achieve more precise and reproducible results. This tool empowers scientists to obtain reliable data for a wide range of applications, from studying plant growth patterns to assessing the impact of environmental factors on leaf development.

source: Petiole Pro Youtube Channel

Getting the Petiole Calibration Pad is easy and highly beneficial for researchers measuring leaf area. You can simply download it by clicking on a link sent to your email for authorization. With this valuable tool, researchers can ensure precise and consistent leaf area measurements, resulting in stronger scientific findings. If you experience any difficulties with downloading calibration pad for Petiole Pro - please, let us know in your email to

Calibration Pads for Petiole Pro

Certainly, we understand that leaf sizes and the distance between the camera and the leaf can differ. To accommodate these variations, we have developed four types of calibration pads.

All four types of calibration pads are conveniently designed to fit on a single A4 sheet of paper, ensuring an eco-friendly approach.

Please, follow this link to download the pads for camera calibration of Petiole Pro App.

Accuracy Checking Pad for Petiole Pro

Before measuring the leaf area of your plant leaves, you can check the accuracy of the measurements. For more details, watch this brief video.

source: Petiole Pro Youtube Channel

If you wish to have accuracy checking pads, please download them using the links provided below:

  • Circles with area 0.785 cm2 are available here
  • Circles with area 1.767 cm2 are available here
  • Two accuracy checking pads are available in the same file here (size: 2.5Mb)

Simply click on the respective links to access and download the accuracy checking pads for Petiole Pro for your measurements.

Step-by-Step Instructions on Where to Obtain the Petiole Calibration Pad for Your Research Needs

  1. Start by checking the four different pads available.
  2. Select the calibration pad that best suits your needs based on two factors: (a) the distance between the leaf and your camera, and (b) the size of your leaves.
  3. Once you’ve made your choice, you can print the pad on A4 paper. It is recommended to use card paper for durability.
  4. Lastly, use scissors to carefully cut out your calibration pad. If possible, consider laminating it to prolong its lifespan. Your calibration pad is now ready to be used!

By following these simple steps, you can quickly obtain your calibration pad and ensure accurate measurements in your leaf area assessments.

Problems with Camera Calibration

Sometimes, our customers face issues with camera calibration. We have created a short guide to help you solve this problem.

The main challenge is related to the camera on your smartphone, not the pad or stand for the Petiole app. Unfortunately, some phone manufacturers use cheap materials and simplified camera software, which can cause problems with the app on certain inexpensive devices.

If you experience any problems with Petiole, please let us know, and we will try our best to assist you.

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