How to get measuring stand for Petiole App?

Measuring stand for Petiole is the thing, frequently asked in Google and via our email. That's why, we decide to explain this topic in more details.
Maryna Kuzmenko, Co-Founder at Petiole
by Maryna Kuzmenko | 11th January 2021 | 5 min read
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Measuring stand for Petiole is the thing, frequently asked in Google and via our email. That’s why, we decide to explain this topic in more details. Why do you need to have a stand to use Petiole app? What type of stand is the best for leaf area measurement? Where to get measuring stand for free? The answers to these and other questions are below.

Why Do You Need to Have Measuring Stand?

This question is as simple as many processes in your life. Why do you need to have a tripod to make professional photos? How precise is your signature if you are not using any hard surface to sign your document? Will you get the same videos if you’ll create them from different height?

Probably, you’ve already known the answer. And the truth is simple. Measuring stand helps to fix the same height and position of camera for leaf area measurement. It also reduces hand shaking and decreases any chances to make inaccurate measurement.

As a result, if you want to be sure that your leaf area measurement are precise, we strongly recommend you to use measuring stand.

What Type of Stand Is the Best for Leaf Area Measurement?

Following the idea about the size of leaves and distance to camera, we have developed different measuring stands. Each calibration pad has its own measuring stand for Petiole app. Hence, depending on the size of leaves, you may have:

stand no. 5 – for the smallest leaves; or stand no. 7 as well as stand no. 10 – for middle-size leaves, finally, stand no. 15 – for the giant leaves.

We also have calculated the price of each stand. For example, the estimated cost for stand no. 5 is $30. It’s without shipping costs. Indeed, we understand that for some of our customers this is a huge sum of money. That’s why, we’ve suggested affordable and sometimes free measuring stands for Petiole app.

Where to Get Measuring Stand for Free?

If the price of $30 per measuring stand is not affordable for you, don’t worry. There is another truly simple option.

You can use “do-it-yourself”(DIY) stands, suggested by our users.

The most popular of the measuring stand for Petiole app is… a stack of books.

Also, you can try the following suggestions:

  • any box to fix the mobile phone on it;
  • transparent document file like “stackable tray”;
  • a mobile holder or something like a “lazy arm”.

For example, some of the stands and ideas, offered by our customers, you can see below:

Advantages and Disadvantages of DIY Measuring Stand

Benefits of DIY stands are a low price. But they are not a good fit for on-site measurements in field and greenhouse.

Measuring Stands, Created by Petiole Designers

During the history of Petiole, measuring stands have changed.

Firstly, we had big and not too ergonomic versions. But final solutions were perfect and convenient to use either in field or in a lab.

If you would like to get a measuring stand for Petiole, pictured above, it’s possible to print it on 3D printer. Surely, you’ll pay for printing but this stand will serve you and you will feel the benefits of its design.

Hence, send us a request and we’ll forward to you .CAD files of the stand, which we are selling for $30. That’s not a joke :). We are not getting any extra money out of printing measuring stand for Petiole. As a result, we’ll be extremely happy if you can print the stand on the 3D printer by yourself.

Before You Go

We are experimenting with stands all the time. Do you have any solutions, made by your own? And what price of measuring stand would be acceptable for you?

Thank you in advance for any comments and emails.

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