At Petiole, we believe that the way we collaborate with our partners helps us make a real difference to the precision agriculture worldwide.

Our partners play a key role in helping us achieve our mission. We collaborate with businesses, governments and institutions in a variety of ways to bring advanced methods of plant phenotyping to every grower, plant scientist or student at the agricultural university.

Find out more about our partnerships and how your business or organisation can be a part of our life-changing work.

Uman National Horticulture University, a leading and the oldest horticultural public university in Ukraines. It combines academic and applied research with innovative education at BSc, MSc and PhD levels.

GeoLat SYS, a Colombian-based company focused on the use of remote sensing technology for the intelligent and environmentally sustainable management of crops such as coffee in collaboration with associations of women coffee growers from the northern region of Tolima.