Our Company

Petiole empowers agronomists and plant scientists to get into precision agriculture and get accurate plant traits measurements with smartphone, no matter their skillset or experience. We streamline the plant phenotyping process and give you a set of tools for your crop monitoring.

After building our first mobile application - Petiole App, we learned firsthand how tedious it can be to measure leaf area accurately in real-time when estimating dozens and hundreds of leaves. We found ourselves with loads of feedback from who use Petiole app to improve it and increase number of helpful agronomic tools for tracking plant health. ‍ That’s why we launched Petiole Pro in February 2021. We believe every agronomist, crop scientist or ecologist should have agronomic instruments available in their toolkit. We helped to measure leaf area, canopy cover and chlorophyll content with a smartphone in real time. Growers and breeders can count seeds or predict yield with smartphone by counting blossom and fruits. Our mission is to remove any barriers that might prevent them from succeeding and obtaining the most accurate data about their crops and yields.

Measured by Petiole Pro

We previously introduced award-winning idea of computer vision powered tools for precision agriculture and reached the final of GIST Tech-I Competition. Our previous work inspired the creation of Petiole Pro as it is today.

We have deep knowledge of the challenges involved in measuring plant traits in real time and in situ and strive to make the process as streamlined as possible.