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PETIOLE PRO: Leaf Area Meter in Smartphone

You can check nitrogen status, measure canopy cover, count seeds as well as measure leaf area. Add your custom formulas to this and get the most insightful data about your plants.

PETIOLE PRO: Berry Counter in Smartphone

You can instantly get strawberry yield prediction: count your strawberry flowers and fruits, estimate fruit size and weight with smartphone.

PETIOLE PRO: Leaf Greenness with Smartphone

You can instantly check the chlorophyll content by computing the ADGCI (Advanced Dark Green Colour Index) of your crops

PETIOLE PRO: Canopy Cover with Smartphone

You can measure Canopy Cover non-destructively and get Fractional Vegetation Cover (FVC) of your crops in seconds

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Petiole Pro offers the essential tools for accurately measuring various plant characteristics, including leaf area, leaf greenness, and counts of germination, root nodules, strawberry flowers, and blueberries. It also enables the measurement of length, width, diameter, and other characteristics of plant organs using a digital ruler. These capabilities facilitate the efficient completion of field experiments and Quality Assurance tasks.