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What's A Petiole...?
What exactly is the difference between a leaf area meter and Petiole Pro?
Petiole Pro is a mobile application and leaf area meter in a smartphone for scientist & farmers
Yes, Petiole Pro was created so that smart people like you, who don't have expensive equipment, can easily measure precise leaf area using only camera on a smartphone, to get more data for your experiment! Let me show you how it works:
1️⃣ Install app, take smartphone with you to the field or lab. Yes, the app works without internet connection!
2️⃣ Fix smartphone on needed height, calibrate camera and measure leaf area in a real-time.
3️⃣ Record measurements or save them right in the app.
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In less than 10 minutes, you can measure what would have taken you hours to do...

"We used #petiole in today's land measurements. It has given us great convenience. It provided ease of measurement in the field instead of removing the plants from the soil and carrying them to the laboratory. Many thanks to the team that made the #petiole application."

— Ahmet SAY, Erciyes University Research Assistant

Here are a few other FAQs we get a lot:

How long does it take to process one video and count strawberry flowers?

It depends on the length of your video, its quality and the processing capacity of your smartphone. We recommend Google Pixel 6 as the benchmark device for strawberry flower count. Strawberry Flower Count works on other devices as well. However, it takes longer to count flowers, particularly, in videos with duration 25 – 30 seconds.

What is the maximum size of a video file with strawberry flowers?

We don’t have size limits for processing. However, the larger video is – the longer it takes to process. Hence, you need to plan this time spending in your schedule.

Are there any recommendations on how to record video?

Pay attention regarding the following recommendations: - Maximum use of daylight - Keep walking speed when recording the video - Camera must be carried on a distance of approximately one meter or more – all levels of fruits to be captured - One row per one video - Capturing ID of a row at the beginning and / or the end of the video - Most fruits must be in focus and not blurred

Can I use the video footage from the previous year for Strawberry Flower Count on Smartphone?

You can use any video footage with strawberry flowers captured directly by camera.

Is any video with strawberry flowers good for count?

In general, yes – any videos are good for counting strawberry flowers. For example, we took random videos from Youtube with relevant content and processed it. However, for the most accurate result, we recommend to follow some technical steps to record a set of video data for further processing.

I recorded a video in a greenhouse with LED grow lights. Can I count strawberry blossoms in this video?

Probably not. The light is important for this version of Strawberry Flower Count on the Smartphone. It is on its “baby stage” and cannot work with videos which are recorded in environments with LED grow lights.

Do you have a Strawberry Flower Count on Smartphone for iPhone?

As of February 2022, we don’t have Petiole Pro at the App Store and focus only on Android.

Shall I use vertically-oriented (portrait) mode or horizontally-oriented (landscape) mode on my smartphone?

Portrait mode is better and also try to record only one row (if there are more than one layer – it’s fine). Even if you’ll record horizontally-oriented video of one row it will be acceptable for further processing. However, if you walk and record two rows simultaneously, it will decrease the accuracy of count, overload processor and add visual content, not relevant for strawberry counting.

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