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Студенти в 🇺🇦 Уманському національному університеті садівництва використовують Петіоль для вимірювання площі листової поверхні Students at 🇲🇽 Universidad Veracruzana  use Petiole Pro for plant health monitoring Researchers at 🇬🇧 Aberystwyth University use Petiole Pro for plant science research
Науковці у 🇺🇦 Тернопільському національному педагогічному університеті імені Володимира Гнатюка використовують Петіоль про для досліджень у сфері рослинництва Agristudents at 🇺🇸 University of California, Santa Cruz use Petiole Pro for monitoring of plant development PhD candidates in bioscience from 🇹🇷 Erciyes University use mobile application Petiole Pro for leaf area measurement Research staff at 🇮🇳 Indian Institute of Science uses mobile app Petiole Pro for measuring plant traits in plant phenotyping Bioscience researchers at 🇮🇩 Bandung Institute of Technology use Petiole Pro to check plant health with smartphone
Students at 🇩🇪 Humboldt University of Berlin use mobile app Petiole Pro for leaf area measurement with smartphone Researchers and technicians at 🇫🇷 Institut des Sciences des Plantes use mobile application Petiole Pro for understanding impact of biotic and abiotic stress on plants and crops Ученые 🇷🇺 Федерального научного агроинженерного центра ВИМ используют мобильное приложение Петиоль Про для исследований в ботанике и сельском хозяйстве Students at 🇺🇸 Purdue University get leaf area measurement with Petiole Pro to assess the effectiveness of vertical farming method for growers PhD researchers at 🇬🇧 The Queen's University of Belfast work on development of compounds for hydroponic and aquaponic farming and Petiole Pro helps them to assess crops and plant health Students at 🇮🇳 Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology measure leaf area with mobile application Petiole Pro Agristudents at 🇺🇸 University of San Diego apply measurement of leaf area with smartphone for tracking plant growth with Petiole Pro Plant Scientists from 🇨🇦 University of Alberta published a research paper in Frontiers in Plant Science and referenced Petiole Pro as the digital leaf area meter for non-destructive measurements
Laboratory plant technicians at 🇪🇬 Alexandria University use mobile application Petiole Pro to save time on routine plant health assessment tasks Undergraduate plant students at 🇮🇳 R. D. National College assess plant development with Petiole Pro to get data about the growth of the crops Research staff at 🇪🇹 Haramaya University investigates salinity tolerance in tomatoes using mobile app Petiole Pro to measure leaf area and chlorophyll content Tissue technicians at 🇸🇦 University of Hafr Albatin use Petiole pro mobile application for digital leaf area measurement Technicians and researchers at 🇦🇺 Australian National University estimate leaf area using mobile application Petiole Pro Bioscience researchers at 🇸🇬 National University of Singapore get LAI and specific leaf area measurements with Petiole Pro mobile app Agri researchers at 🇵🇭 Romblon State University experimenting with application of biochemicals on crops and measure results with Petiole Pro Biolab Technicians at 🇺🇸 Stockton University use Petiole Pro smartphone app to measure LAI and canopy cover index Biokinetics researchers at the 🇧🇴 Public University of El Alto measure leaf area with smartphone to track the plant growth Agriculture undergraduate students at 🇿🇦 University of Cape Town PhD candidates in bioscience at 🇮🇹 University of Pisa measure plant health characteristics with smartphone
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What's A Petiole...?
What exactly is the difference between SPAD for chlorophyll content measurement and Petiole Pro?
Petiole Pro is a mobile application and chlorophyll content meter in a smartphone for scientist and farmers
Yes, Petiole Pro was created so that smart people like you, who don't have expensive equipment, can easily check the Nitrogen status of crops using only camera on a smartphone and a colour calibration pad, to get more data for your experiment! Let us show you how it works:
1️⃣ Install the app and take your smartphone with you to the field or lab. Yes, the app works without internet connection!
2️⃣ Put your colour calibration pad in front of the camera. Place a leaf on the pad or next to it but keeping markers on the pad visible for the camera.
3️⃣ Record measurements or save them right in the app. You can also share any of your measurements.
The process of measuring of chlorophyll content with smartphone includes a few important steps
Watch Demo:
In less than 10 minutes, you can measure what would have taken you hours to do...

"We used #petiole in today's land measurements. It has given us great convenience. It provided ease of measurement in the field instead of removing the plants from the soil and carrying them to the laboratory. Many thanks to the team that made the #petiole application."

— Ahmet SAY, Erciyes University Research Assistant

Here are a few other FAQs we get a lot:

What is colour calibration pad for Petiole Pro?

Colour Calibration Pad is a pink background card with specific green colour standards and two markers. It is a board, which is required for accurate chlorophyll content measurement, similar to SPAD.

Does light impact on DGCI measurement?

If you don't use colour calibration pad, then light hugely impacts on the value of DGCI. However, when using colour calibration pad for Petiole Pro in daylight there is no decisive impact on the final reading. Additionally, Petiole Pro works with artificial light environments, except LED grow light.

Is chlorophyll content measured by SPAD and Dark Green Colour Index (DGCI) the same?

in general, yes, it is. Both values represent the Nitrogen status in a plant. If you wish to measure chlorophyll content with smartphone, then you need to work with Dark Green Colour Index (DGCI). This technique could be an affordable alternative that combined with portable meters (for example, SPAD). It provides real-time monitoring of the nutritional status of the crop.

Can I measure chlorophyll content with Petiole Pro without a colour calibration pad?

Yes, it is possible. However, it will not be accurate but you will get the relative measurements. This means if measured on regular basis with the same light conditions, you can get the current Nitrogen status and its change.

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Petiole Pro offers the essential tools for accurately measuring various plant characteristics, including leaf area, leaf greenness, and counts of germination, root nodules, strawberry flowers, and blueberries. It also enables the measurement of length, width, diameter, and other characteristics of plant organs using a digital ruler. These capabilities facilitate the efficient completion of field experiments and Quality Assurance tasks.