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We believe that agriculture students and researchers of any age and origin must have access to the instruments of improvement in agriculture productivity. That’s why for the Universities, students and graduates we share Petiole Pro for FREE

Petiole Pro is free for any educational or research institution worldwide
Everything you need to be successful with Plant Phenotyping Research
Petiole Pro can measure surface leaf area, LAI, chlorophyll content, count grains and does fruit yield prediction
Leaf Area • Flower Counting • Leaf Area Index • Fruit Counting • Leaf Greenness • Seed Counting • Canopy Cover • Area of Leaf Damage • Root Architecture Analysis



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How to Qualify
New Petiole Pro User • Student or Researcher • No commercial purpose
Here are a few other FAQs we get a lot:

How can we use Petiole Pro for Free?

You need to fill the form and in 3 – 5 days our team will contact you with the decision about joining the Petiole Pro for Free.

How many free accounts will we get?

All your students and researchers can get free Petiole Pro accounts.

Which tools in Petiole Pro will be free?

You will get full access to ALL tools, available in Petiole Pro. In particular, you will get leaf area index, leaf greenness index (relevant to SPAD index) and grain counter.

Which organisations can get Petiole Pro for free?

Petiole Pro for Free was designed as a program for educational institutions. We intent to support Universities, colleges, schools and any other educational organisations worldwide.

When can we get Petiole Pro for free?

In 3 – 5 business days after submission of your application we will contact you about your participation in the program and send an initial draft of a collaboration agreement.

Can we get calibration pads for free as well?

We can provide you calibration pads for leaf area and colour calibrating pads for leaf greenness index for free. However, you will need to pay for the delivery from the United Kingdom to your country.

What is the basic duration of Petiole Pro for free?

Initially, the collaboration agreement has one year duration. However, if we will get mutual positive experience of work together, we are glad to continue providing Petiole Pro for free as long as it is needed.

I have other questions about Petiole for Free program. How can I ask them?

Please, feel free to contact us at []( and we will answer any question about Petiole Pro for Free.

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🇺🇦 Уманський національний університет садівництва 🇲🇽 Universidad Veracruzana 🇬🇧 Aberystwyth University
🇺🇦 Тернопільський національний педагогічний університет імені Володимира Гнатюка 🇺🇸 University of California, Santa Cruz 🇹🇷 Erciyes University 🇮🇳 Indian Institute of Science 🇮🇩 Bandung Institute of Technology
🇩🇪 Humboldt University of Berlin 🇫🇷 Institut des Sciences des Plantes 🇷🇺 Федеральный научный агроинженерный центр ВИМ 🇺🇸 Purdue University 🇬🇧 The Queen's University of Belfast 🇮🇳 Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology 🇺🇸 University of San Diego 🇨🇦 University of Alberta
🇪🇬 Alexandria University 🇮🇳 R. D. National College 🇪🇹 Haramaya University 🇸🇦 University of Hafr Albatin 🇦🇺 Australian National University 🇸🇬 National University of Singapore 🇵🇭 Romblon State University 🇺🇸 Stockton University 🇧🇴 Public University of El Alto 🇿🇦 University of Cape Town 🇮🇹 University of Pisa
Global Map of Petiole Pro customers who do plant phenotyping with smartphone and Petiole Pro mobile application

We used #petiole in today's land measurements. It has given us great convenience. It provided ease of measurement in the field instead of removing the plants from the soil and carrying them to the laboratory. Many thanks to the team that made the #petiole application.

— Ahmet SAY, Erciyes University Research Assistant

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