Case Studies

Brief Collection of Case Studies with Petiole Pro and Petiole App, Featured in Top-Ranked Plant Science Journals
18th May 2024
Mobile applications Petiole App and Petiole Pro are frequently cited in research papers by plant scientists, we regularly gather and update this list of references.
28th February 2023
As white clover usage increases, understanding its functionality in pastures has become crucial. The study aims to examine the link between taproot volume and survival to determine if a longer-lasting taproot leads to better clover performance. Additionally, the study investigates if the timing of taproot death affects clover population dynamics
10th January 2023
In this article, we put the truth about leaf area measurement with Petiole App and the Licor LI-3100C leaf area scanner to determine which is more effective in measuring the area of alfalfa leaves. The insights and conclusions are based on a study conducted in Turkey.
30th December 2022
Scientists used Petiole Pro and SPAD to investigate the effects of red and blue LED light on the growth, yield, and chlorophyll content of pakchoy (Brassica chinensis L.) plants in a growbox
23rd October 2022
Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) have gained significant attention in agricultural biotechnology as a biological input to enhance crop production. One of the benefits of PGPR is its ability to mitigate the negative effects of soil salinity and increase crop yield, particularly in Quinoa plants. What is the link between PGPR and Petiole App?
5th September 2022
Application of biochar to improve soil health is one of the suggested way to get the better crop yield. At the same time, there is a need to know the specific amount of biochar to apply for the highest yield. A group of Ukrainian, Czech and Kazakstan plant researchers worked on this question and found the answer.
05th April 2022
Researchers studied the impact of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus (Rhizophagus intradices) on the growth and production of polyphenols in two popular and medicinally important plants in Vietnam - Ehretia asperula Zoll. & Mor. and Solanum procumbens. Petiole Pro was utilized in this research to aid in the measurement of plant traits.
20th January 2022
Group of Canadian plant scientists researched morphological alterations using CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Modulation of SQUAMOSA PROMOTER-BINDING PROTEIN-LIKE 8 when exploring drought tolerance mechanisms in alfalfa. For non-destructive leaf area measurement of 16 leaves, the researchers used Petiole Pro and destructive measurements of 45 leaves were conducted with Petiole App.
1st December 2021
The Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research is concerned with the use, development and protection of natural and urban spaces. The focus of WSL research is on solving problems to do with the responsible use of landscapes and forests and Petiole Pro helps the researchers to get data about the forests
30th October 2021
The study of drought resistance in alfalfa has long been of great interest to scientists, as it is known to be one of the most drought-tolerant crops. Recently, Canadian plant scientists utilized Petiole App to measure leaf area of alfalfa in their research on this topic.
8th October 2021
Growers of Chinese broccoli grown using hydroponic methods understand that this crop has unique environmental requirements. In this case study we show how mobile application Petiole App helped to collect data which confirmed the insightful results of the study.
20th July 2021
Scientists are focused on the efficient monitoring of groundnut growth and development, especially in harsh environmental conditions to identify desirable peanut genotypes. In this case study we demonstrate how our smartphone-based leaf area meter Petiole App was employed for measuring leaf area in the research.
17th June 2021
An experiment was conducted to investigate the impact of presowing nutrition treatment on maize productivity by applying bio-stimulants on corn. In this case study you can learn about this experiment and how Petiole App helped in gathering data about the usefulness of presowing treatment in corn
1st February 2018
Researchers conducted a study on the leaf area of apple trees using the mobile application Petiole for Android in order to determine the optimal method of growing apple trees in Ukraine. Check the results and learn more about how our digital leaf area meter can help in your plant research.