Case Studies

We collect lot's of case studies
1st December 2021
The Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research is concerned with the use, development and protection of natural and urban spaces. The focus of WSL research is on solving problems to do with the responsible use of landscapes and forests...
30th October 2021
Scientific interest in drought resistance of alfalfa was always huge. It is related to the fact that alfalfa is one of the most drought tolerant crops...
8th October 2021
Growers of Chinese broccoli in hydroponic culture know that this crop is very special in terms of its requirements for the environment...
20th July 2021
Scientists are focused on effective monitoring of plant growth and development of groundnut, particularly, in extreme environmental conditions to get peanut genotypes...
17th September 2019
If you need to reference Petiole mobile application in your research, there is a simple way to do this...
1st February 2018
We made apple trees leaf area evaluation with mobile application Petiole for Android...
17th June 2021
Does the increase of maize productivity by presowing treatment of plant nutrition sound good for you? If yes, then read about the experiment of applying bio-stimulants on corn.
26th March 2022
Plant scientists reference to Petiole App and Petiole Pro directly in their research papers. We have collected all these reference and update them on regular basis.
05th April 2022
Scientists evaluated the influence of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus (Rhizophagus intradices) on growth and polyphenol production of the two important and popular medicinal plants in Vietnam: Ehretia asperula Zoll. & Mor. and Solanum procumbens. Just look how Petiole helped them with their plant research!