False Codling Moth (FCM)

Pest detection and monitoring with Artificial Intelligence
30 October 2022
False codling moth (Thaumatotibia leucotreta) is one of the most dangerous pests in sub-Saharan Africa and can be found in all citrus production areas of Southern Africa. How can one recognize this pest, and which crops are at risk of infestation? How can one detect FCM, and what control measures should be applied?
01 September 2023
The impact of FCM on Kenyan agriculture, particularly on exports to the European Union, has been significant. Traditional pest detection methods, largely reliant on human visual inspection, have proven inadequate, leading to crop losses, economic strain, and jeopardized livelihoods. This scenario underscores the urgent need for an innovative and effective solution
1 March 2023
Merely conducting manual and visual scouting is insufficient to assess the presence of the False Codling Moth on crops. The digital tool "FCM Solution by Petiole Pro" has been developed to enhance the productivity and efficiency of FCM scouting. This aims to prevent production waste and profit loss caused by this pest.
10 January 2023
Researchers consistently show interest in the False Codling Moth (FCM). In this article, we will outline the current research on FCM across various crops and the facets of Integrated Pest Management (IPM)