Drones & NDVI

How Can Drones Positively Impact on Farming and Agriculture?
17th September 2023
Explore the significance of accurate ground-truth measurement of leaf area in enhancing drone-based NDVI evaluations and plant health insights. This guide dives into the interplay between hands-on measurements and aerial imaging, paving the way for precision agriculture
21st January 2023
There are various challenges and drawbacks to using drones in the agriculture industry, including privacy concerns, safety risks, costs, and regulations, to name a few. How can these limitations be overcome, and what strategies are best for farmers using drones?
15th June 2022
Dive into this comprehensive FAQ section to understand the potential challenges and drawbacks of using drones in agriculture. From privacy concerns to operational costs, get all your concerns addressed in this detailed guide
12th June 2020
Although the disadvantages of agricultural drones aren't widely discussed, they certainly exist and can affect in-field crop monitoring.
8th February 2016
Drones in agriculture have become commonplace, with numerous successful case studies highlighting their benefits. What are their primary applications within the sector?
4th February 2016
In this case study, we will explore the practical use of unmanned aerial drones in monitoring sugar beet fields located in Ukraine
1st February 2016
Calculating NDVI pixel values for a specific location can be challenging for those unfamiliar with this type of map analysis