Leaf Area Index

Assessing Leaf Area Index with Smartphones and Evaluating Canopy Cover Using Deep Learning Algorithms
10th January 2023
To comprehend the behavior of a new active ingredient in a commercial setting, it's vital to study plant biokinetics in both semi-field and field conditions. How does Petiole Pro assist biokinetic researchers, and which areas could benefit from further improvement?
2nd December 2021
Fractional Vegetation Cover (FVC) is not just a key indicator of greenness and green biomass; it also plays a crucial role in understanding crop growth status for precision management and crop breeding.
17th May 2021
The Leaf Area Index (LAI) offers valuable insights into a plant's growth and development. Why is LAI so crucial?
7th February 2018
Many agricultural scientists are on the hunt for efficient methods. So, how can one measure the leaf area with the Petiole Pro?