Specific Leaf Area

Measurement of leaf area with Petiole Pro
28th September 2023
Understanding the size and health of rice leaves is a vital component in maximizing your rice yield. By following our comprehensive guide, you'll discover simple yet effective steps to optimize your paddy crop and ensure a bountiful harvest
20th September 2023
Whether you're headed to a rice field, apple orchard, or palm oil plantation, Petiole Pro is your trusted companion for leaf measurements. Discover streamlined processes and gain insights to boost accuracy in plant phenotyping.
11th September 2021
Certainly, lab equipment and the advantages of a controlled environment greatly benefit agricultural research. However, only field conditions can truly reflect the actual situation in your experimental plot.
5th May 2021
You might have heard about the comparison between Petiole Pro and ImageJ. If not, details will be shared soon. For now, it's the perfect time to introduce ImageJ.
11th January 2021
The measuring stand for Petiole is a frequently asked topic both on Google and in our emails. Therefore, we've decided to delve deeper into this subject.
6th January 2021
Obtaining the calibration pad is your top priority if you aim to measure leaf area both effectively and accurately with Petiole. Wondering how to acquire it without any cost?
2nd July 2019
Calibrating the camera in Petiole may appear challenging for plant scientists, but it's actually straightforward, and we have further evidence to support this!
20th January 2018
Flattening curved plant leaves can be challenging, but we have simple methods to address this issue in crop research.
17th June 2017
Petiole Pro introduces new features to enhance data-driven agricultural research. Our leaf area measurements are now even more accurate.
4th January 2017
The advantages of measuring leaf area become evident when dealing with vast quantities of leaves.
11th May 2016
Measuring the area of 10 leaves might seem manageable, but it can be surprisingly time-intensive.
6th May 2016
Petiole App in Action" highlights case studies where our mobile app aids precise plant trait measurements. In this edition, we focus on spinach 🌱
4th May 2016
Black currants, tasty berries of research interest, are our focus today as we assess their leaf area and chlorophyll content.
29th April 2016
Apple trees are ubiquitous. As the most extensively cultivated species globally, how can we optimize their growth?
29th January 2016
Presented with a leaf and the task of measuring its area, what's the most efficient and cost-effective method?
17th March 2022
Using bio-products and Nitrogen fertilizers, combined with monitoring their effects, can enhance Buckwheat yield. Petiole Pro can assist in evaluating the outcomes.
28th January 2016
Scientists studying plants often need to determine leaf surface area. Why is this measurement so crucial?
9th January 2023
Assessing the leaf area of strawberry plants in agronomy offers insights into the plant's health and growth. But how do we achieve accurate measurements?