Specific Leaf Area

Measurement of leaf area with Petiole Pro
11th September 2021
Sure, lab equipment and convenience of controlled environment add obvious benefits to the agricultural research. At the same time, only field conditions can demonstrate the existing situation in your experimental plot.
5th May 2021
Probably, you’ve heard about the battle between Petiole Pro and ImageJ. However, if not – soon you will get more details about this. As of now, it is the right time to start with ImageJ.
11th January 2021
Measuring stand for Petiole is the thing, frequently asked in Google and via our email. That's why, we decide to explain this topic in more details.
6th January 2021
Get the calibration pad - this is task no.1, if you want to measure leaf area effectively and accurately with Petiole. How to get it for free?
2nd July 2019
Calibrate camera in Petiole seems to be difficult tasks for plant scientists. However, it's not and we have one more proof for this!
20th January 2018
Making curvy plant leaves flat is a difficult task. However, we know easy ways how to cope with this problem in crop research.
17th June 2017
Petiole App has new features to make your agriculture research more data-driven. Leaf area measurements now have higher accuracy than before.
4th January 2017
Benefits of leaf area measurement are obvious if you need to work with hundreds or thousands leaves to calculate leaf area
11th May 2016
Measuring area of 10 leaves seems to be not a too difficult task. However, in terms of time, it can be extremely time consuming.
6th May 2016
Petiole App in Action tells about case studies, when our mobile app helps to accurately measure plant traits. Today we speak about spinach 🌱
4th May 2016
Black currants are edible berries in focus of many researchers. Today we measure leaf area and chlorophyll content of these leaves.
29th April 2016
Apple trees are everywhere. In fact, they are cultivated worldwide and are the most widely grown species. How to grow them efficiently?
29th January 2016
You have a leaf in front of you and need to know how to measure leaf area. What is the most efficient and not too expensive way to do this?
17th March 2022
Application of bio products and Nitrogen fertilisers and monitoring of this application can improve Buckwheat yield. Petiole Pro can help with assessment of the results.
28th January 2016
A scientist who studies plants repeatedly faced with a need to measure leaf surface area. But why this knowledge is important?